Guest Post with author Michelle Scott

Treasured Tales for Young Adults, first ever author guest post.

Michelle Scott, author of Bloodsisters and Uncommon Magic, has kindly written a guest post about fairy tales and horror stories.  Thanks Michelle.  Great post. 🙂


When I was a kid, I was addicted to two kinds of fiction: fairy tales and horror stories. Luckily, the two went hand in hand.

When I say fairy tales, I’m not talking about the nice, Disney-esque ones with lovely, sweet-tempered princesses who sing to their adorable Prince Charmings while the forest animals look on. No, I mean the super creepy ones that populated my mother’s book of un-edited Grimm’s fairy tales. In these original fairy tales, people are boiled alive, cut into pieces, dragged from horses, and drugged. These are ancient tales full of evil-hearted predators. When you read a Grimm fairy tale, you feel like you’re all alone in the heart of the Black Forest with nothing but a magic walnut to save you. Oftentimes, after reading those stories, I couldn’t get to sleep at night.

But that didn’t stop me from reading them.

I suppose there is a psychological reason why I’m drawn to horror, but I’ve never figured it out. My family life was relatively calm, and I don’t have any childhood enemies that make me want to live out revenge fantasies. I think I just like being scared. Like my love of really, really dark chocolate (the 72% cocoa stuff that’s nearly too bitter to eat), I don’t want to analyze it. I just want to enjoy it.

Since elementary school, I’ve discovered a lot of other horror writers. Stephen King and Neil Gaiman top the list. Margaret Atwood and Clive Barker are up there, too. But nothing affects me quite as much as those stories I read as a kid. I can only hope that I bring a bit of that darkness to the stories I write.


Thanks again Michelle.  So, Treasured Tales followers, have you read any Grimm’s fairy tales?  What’s your favourite fairy tale?


More info about author Michelle Scott and her novels :

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One thought on “Guest Post with author Michelle Scott

  1. lol!
    I’m not soo much into reading scary stories…maybe just when I was a kid…but still I’m always trying new things to read 😀
    love the post!

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