Review: There is no Dog by Meg Rosoff

There is no Dog by Meg Rosoff

Book description (from Goodreads) –

Meet your unforgettable protagonist: God, who, as it turns out, is a 19-year-old boy living in the present-day and sharing an apartment with his long-suffering fifty-something personal assistant. Unfortunately for the planet, God is lazy and, frankly, hopeless. He created all of the world’s species in six days because he couldn’t summon the energy to work for longer. He gets Africa and America mixed up. And his beleagured assistant has his work cut out for him when God creates a near-apolcalyptic flood, having fallen asleep without turning the bath off.


What chance does Earth have when God is a lazy, selfish, greedy teenager, who cares more about chasing girls than answering people’s prayers. Bob thinks that he is a wonderful God, but when he gets distracted (which is most of the time), Earth suffers and it’s up to Mr B – Bob’s assistant – to pick up the pieces and save Earth before Bob accidentally destroys the whole planet. However, that is easier said than done, because when Bob falls in love chaos is imminent – floods…droughts… anything is possible when Bob falls in love. So, what will happen when Bob meets Lucy? Will Earth suffer again or will this time be different?


When I think of, There is No Dog, there is one word that automatically comes to mind…quirky. This book was bizzare, strange and unlike anything I have ever read before. The plot is intriguing: a teenager who is also God, and therefore makes for an interesting read but the more I read, the more bizzare the story became. It was quirky wrapped in weirdness and I just had to keep reading. It was just so strange, that I had to see what would happen next and how the story would end. Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any more bizzare, it would.

Bob was a very strange character and throughout most of the novel he got on my nerves. Mr B, I just can’t make up my mind about. As I was reading, I would waver between liking and disliking him. There were characters that I did like. Lucy, was a sweet character and I enjoyed reading her story although there were times when I couldn’t understand why she made the choices that she did. I felt that this was because there were not enough chapters from her perspective. Bob’s pet, Eck, was a wonderful addition to the characters as was Estelle.

You may be asking, in what way was the story bizzare? That is a hard question to answer without giving away major spoilers. All I can say is that Bob, was a very strange individual therefore causing a domino effect of weirdness throughout the novel. I didn’t hate the book but I didn’t love it either. There was just something about it that kept me wanting to read it.

As I was getting closer to the final pages, I had every intention of giving the novel a rating of 2.5/5. However, when I finished the novel, I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. Some authors finish a novel with an ending that is too open-ended but Rosoff wrote an ending that I really liked. It was surprising and felt complete, therefore I increased my rating to 3/5. This is a book that I would recommend for anyone that is looking for something light to read or who wants to read something a bit different.


*Thank you to Penguin Publishers Australia for providing me with a copy of There is No Dog to review.


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