Review: Birthright by Willow Cross

Birthright by Willow Cross (The Dark Gifts #1)

Book description (from Goodreads) –

Throughout the ages, druids have passed down a prophecy from one generation to the next. A girl, born of a witch clan, will become vampyre and spark a war that will divide the vampire nation. This young woman will either save humanity from vampire reign, or be the end of it. Although she’s never heard the prophecy, and doesn’t believe in witchcraft, Liz Markum is that woman.

Working with her maker, Michael, and the remaining members of the warring Vampire Council, Liz must defeat the darkness inside her, and learn to become more than a killer vampire. She must become a vampire killer.


Everything changed for Liz, the night she went to the carnival. When a kiss on the neck from a handsome young man named Michael, turned into a bite, Liz became a vampire. With a growing psychic connection to Michael, Liz seeks him out to find answers, only to discover that it was never his intention to turn her into a vampire – one bite shouldn’t have changed her. All Michael is certain of, is that as a newly made vampire, Liz must meet the Vampire Council.

What Liz and Michael do not know, is that the meeting with the council will set in motion a series of events with dangerous consequences. A war is coming, one that will turn vampire clans against each other, and one that Liz and Michael will be at the centre of. Both will discover that the key to their survival and that of all vampires loyal to the council is Liz…but will Liz accept her destiny?


Willow Cross has written an amazing novel that combines, magic, action, suspense and mystery with a touch of romance and a hint of myths and legends to create a story that takes the reader on a thrilling journey.

Birthright follows the story of the main character Liz, as she learns about herself, her destiny and her growing powers as a vampire. As well as following Liz’s story, there are also many secondary characters with their own story to tell, adding mystery and intrigue to every page.

With a novel containing many characters, it would be very easy for the story to become too overwhelming and for some of the secondary characters to smother and take over Liz’s story. But Willow balances each character and each storyline perfectly, so that each of the storylines compliment one another.

There were many twists and turns in this novel, that just when I thought that everything was quieting down for the characters there would be a new character introduced, or a surprising twist that just made me want to keep reading and reading to find out what would happen next.

I enjoyed reading and learning about all the characters, especially Liz and Michael and I loved the intrigue that surrounded many of the secondary characters. I didn’t know whether or not they could be trusted; one minute I would think they were on Liz and Michael’s side, the next I wasn’t so sure. Every page held a surprise and I loved how Willow was able to keep me guessing. I never knew what to expect.

I highly recommend Birthright for all paranormal/supernatural fans. If you love reading about vampires, witches and magic and are looking for a story that is unique and will keep you guessing, then Birthright is the story for you.


*Thank you to Willow Cross for providing me with a copy of Birthright to review.


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