Valentine’s Day Book Love #2

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the Valentine’s Day Book Love event here on Treasured Tales.  Willow Cross, author of the amazing novel Birthright, (The Dark Gifts #1) has kindly written a guest post (below) in celebration of Valentine’s Day, about her crush on Frodo Baggins.  I loves this post; it’s so sweet.  Thanks Willow.  🙂

My Not-So-Secret Affair with Frodo Baggins

When I was asked to do a guest post about a character I’d fallen in love with, I really had to put some thought into it. There have been so many over the years and most of them are still floating around somewhere in my mind. But there is one who remains nearest and dearest to my heart. I suppose he will always be a part of me. (I hope so anyhow.)

I first met Frodo at the impressionable age of thirteen. Now, I can’t say it was love at first sight. Honestly, as weird as it might sound, I’d spent quite a bit of time with his uncle Bilbo before we met.

I will never forget that very first day we spent together. It was summer. A warm Indiana wind blew through my open window causing the sheer mauve curtains to dance in its wake. The smell of freshly mown grass filled the air. That, combined with the hum of the lawn mower, added a nice ambience to an already splendid day. A perfect day to do my most favorite of things…read.

Shortly after meeting him, we attended his Uncle’s birthday party. And then that old rascal Gandalf sent him across country on a mission I was certain was too dangerous for such a little guy. I believe I truly fell for him while he vacationed with Tom Bombadil. He seemed so wise for his years, and although he was prone to bad judgment, he had strength of character and a strong loyalty to his friends. Over the next day or so, we traveled through the wilds and even met some elves. His behavior was always that of a gentlemen. With each passing adventure (and there were many) my feelings for him grew. I couldn’t get enough of him!

You can easily see the true character of a young man when they are moving through tumultuous times. Not the “Oh wow, I got an F on that test” kind of trouble. The “Holy cow, they are going to kill me” kind of trouble. It seemed nearly everyone he encountered was out to get him. And yet, against all odds, he managed to persevere and win the final battle! How can you not love that in a person?

Since that day, oh so many years ago, I take the time to reconnect with my first love. No, he’s not what most people consider beautiful on the outside, but does the outside really matter all that much? Yes, he’s much shorter than I am, and although I’m now many years older than he…I still love him. Every summer, I travel back through those lands. Side by side, we relive those adventures. If you are looking for me the first week of June, find Frodo. I won’t be too far behind him. 😉

Thank you Willow for the beautiful post.

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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Book Love #2

  1. I have tons of character crushes too! Have you girls read The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons? Alexander Belov <3, and Dimitri and Adrian from VA, Edward Cullen!

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