Character Interview: Michelle Andrews and Elliot De Costa

Character Interview

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to announce something very special in celebration of Valentine’s Day: a character interview with Michelle and Elliot from The Pulse Myths series.  This is an amazing series written by A. Jacob Sweeny.

Pulse of Heroes (The Pulse Myths #1) was my favourite read of 2011. The second novel – Of Blood and Pulse –  is absolutely amazing and wow, what a cliff-hanger that epilogue was.  I can’t wait to read Pulse Genesis to see what happens next.

Michelle and Elliot are such a lovely couple and I am delighted to have them as guests.  Thank you to A. Jacob Sweeny for her support of Treasured Tales for Young Adults (hugs to you) and for arranging this interview with one of my favourite book couples.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Interview with Michelle and Elliot

What qualities do you admire the most in each other?

Michelle: It looks like I’m going to answer first because Elliot is stalling. He’ll be right in. Elliot is wonderful all around. But I guess I’m going to say that because I love him. I think what I appreciate about him the most is how patient he was or still is with me. (Elliot walks in and nods a hello) He is obviously brave and he’s good, and very smart. But I like the way he loves me. (Michelle smiles at Elliot who is sitting at a separate chair next to her-she repeats the question to him)

Elliot: Michelle is a good person, and I admire how caring she is. She has the capacity to think of everyone in any given situation. I admire her will and optimism, and how open she is to learning new things. She’s not too bad on the eyes either. (Michelle blushes)

Elliot, how would you finish this sentence? I knew I was in love with Michelle when…

Elliot: Hmm…. that’s a little tougher. Michelle and I didn’t have too smooth of a start. I felt that my caring for her grew the more time I spent with her. (Elliot thinks for while) I am sad to say this, but it was the night of the prom when life came in-between us that I realized that I loved her, and didn’t want to be apart form her. (Michelle reaches out to hold Elliot’s hand) But I think it was when she asked me if I was on steroids while snooping around the school and getting caught that she caught my attention. She made me laugh and her smile was heart melting. (Michelle whispers under her breath-look who’s talking)

Michelle, how would you finish this sentence? I always know that Elliot will…

Michelle: Be beautiful for me forever. (Elliot is embarrassed. He looks down for a second)

Elliot: Michelle, you’ll always be beautiful for me too.

Being in love is?

Elliot: Complicated and beautiful.

Michelle: Intense and exciting. A little scary too.

Our first kiss with each other was?

Michelle: Unforgettable. It was after Elliot had gone to China and he and Rion got into the stupid fight.

Elliot: Rion isn’t innocent, Michelle.

Michelle: I know Elliot, but I was so upset and I really felt that you didn’t care about my feelings… and then you were in my bedroom and we lay there together. Then we kissed and it made me feel so lightheaded. It was the best kiss ever.

Elliot: For me the kiss was very sweet, because I could tell how unsure Michelle felt. But I also know that she loved me. It was also relieving because once we kissed I knew that we had just started our journey.

Elliot, do you have anything romantic planned for Valentine’s Day, for Michelle?

Elliot: If I did and I might not or might, I wouldn’t say anything in front of Michelle. I’ll be honest; I forget little holidays and days such as Valentines, or even Halloween. I have seen so many holidays come and go that they have to be around for a while before I pay attention to them. Michelle had to remind me about 4th of July. I don’t think she’ll let me forget about Valentines.


Thanks Michelle and Elliot. Treasured Tales loves you. xoxo

I love this interview.  Aren’t Michelle and Elliot just gorgeous together?


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