Valentine’s Day Book Love #4

Hi everyone,

Today Mera from Mera’s YA Book List has written an awesome guest post about two of her book crushes.  Welcome to Treasured Tales, Mera.  🙂

Book Crushes

Hey everyone!

Mera from Mera’s YA Book List here. Alishia has amazingly let me join the bunch here to talk about the books or characters I love, as is befitting Valentine’s Day! So I’m going to tell you about two of my many book crushes!

First up is Patch Cipriano!

For those of you who haven’t read about Patch, you can find him in Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush. I would admonish you all, but I’m not the best person for the job seeing as I haven’t started many of the really popular series (like Maximum Ride, Shiver, or even Vampire Academy). I know, I know. You ARE allowed to admonish me. I don’t bite… well, not usually, lol.

Why Love Patch

He’s handsome, he’s mysterious and he has wings. What more could I ask for? (Well, there are other things, but that’s a moot point.)

I think my major reason for crushing on Patch is that he’s an unrealistic catch. I know realistically that I have no chance in hell of dating someone like Patch. I don’t go for the bad boy type in real life anyway. But in my books, I definitely make exceptions.

And I also have a huge thing for angels. I have for years and I think that started with Hush, Hush- which is still my favorite angel novel.

FYI : Book Recommendation – My 2nd favorite book on angels is Foreshadow by Brea Essex. It’s a must read. Like seriously check it out.

Back to the point:

Another reason to love Patch, or to at least want to steal him from his girlfriend Nora (even though if you read the book you probably feel that they belong together – like I do):

Have you seen him?

I know most time you have to visualize what the characters look like. I visualized someone for Patch when I read it too, but he’s even better in real life.

There’s actually an official face for Patch, which means Becca (or someone @ the publishers) must have really thought Drew Doyon was the perfect face for Patch. Whoever it was, I agree! Here is Drew Doyon, my Patch. 🙂

Okay, on to the next!

I had a hard time picking which of my other book crushes to tell you about, but that’s because I am fickle in my choosings and fall for a different book dude at least once in a month (AT LEAST).

So I thought I’d mention one that doesn’t have any powers, is sweet, and had no ties with paranormal. I know you all can tell he is obviously going to be from a YA Contemporary Romance, because it’s so true!

So here’s another of my book crushes. He’s not well known, which is how I like it, but I’ll stop hogging him and share with you all.

His name: Spencer Martin

Now Spencer is from Maureen Johnson’s Suite Scarlett series (which can be read separately):

He is not the main love interest, because he’s the protagonist’s brother… and he’s single.  That means I am free to keep pretending that if I go to New York and find the fictional Hopewell Hotel, which is where his family lives (they own the shambled hotel) that I could “accidentally” run into him and he’ll immediately fall for me and…

Ahem, sorry, moving on. Spencer is an aspiring actor who does get some roles (more in the second novel). 😉 wink, wink

He’s flawed, sweet, and though he does get in a little trouble with his family (like every teen boy  in existence) he is totally a catch. He’s a bit silly, and totally funny, which is good because he does comedic action in his roles, which are like over stylized and dangerous  stunts.  I wish I could find someone like him in my city. *sighs*

FYI: Book recommendation – A book I read recently that is really sweet and contains one of my lesser crushes (Marcus) (though I’ve had some BAD experiences and some good experiences with guys named Marcus- a  story I’m not going to go into, lol).

Anyway, the book recommendation is The Cupcake Queen, which I read recently and liked a lot.

Here is how I envision the 19 year old Spencer:

Slightly floppy brown hair, a cute smile, lean but strong, and tall. It’s so hard to find an actor that comes close to what I imagine, but if any of you have read this series or think of someone close to this please throw out suggestion!

Another reason I love Spencer:

I could imaging Spencer and I goofing around at a coffee shop, hanging out watching movies, or acting like a fool in the park. Man, where is my Spencer?! If you know please tell me. Pretty please!

Lol. So here’s those are just two of my book crushes, the ones I want the most!

(Oh, and Max, in Suite Scarlett’s 2nd (Scarlett Fever) is another great guy. I imagine him looking like Ben Barnes or  Thomas McDonald.)

You can check out my reviews for the book recommendations on my blog.

And be sure to check back here on the amazing Treasured Tales for others favorite books and book crushes! Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!


Happy Reading (and Crushing)

Thank you Mera for the fantastic guest post. I’m going to have to add the Suite Scarlett series to my ‘to be read’ list.  🙂  They sound really good.  Thank you also for your book recommendations about Foreshadow and The Cupcake Queen. *adding them to my ‘to be read’ list too*

You can say hello to Mera at:

Mera’s YA Book List Blog ~ Mera’s YA Book List Facebook Page

Make sure you check out the Treasured Tales competitions page for details as to how could could win a copy of Lola and the Boy Next Door.

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5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Book Love #4

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Patch! I agree, they chose well when they went with Drew. I haven’t read Suite Scarlett. I’ll have to check them out.

    Thanks for mentioning Foreshadow. It means a lot that it’s so high on your list.

    When you do eventually read Vampire Academy, let me know what you think of Adrian. He’s one of my favorites!

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