Valentine’s Day Book Love #6

Hi everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Day.   Today J. Sterling (author of the beautiful novel In Dreams) has written a gorgeous guest post about one of her book crushes – Matt from Twenty Boy Summer. Welcome to Treasured Tales, Jenn. 🙂

Happy ❤ day everyone! It’s Jenn, aka J. Sterling (you know, author of In Dreams *swoon* lol)…

I wanted to send a very special Valentine’s Day shout out to the boy I sort of have a huge crush on…

Matt from Twenty Boy Summer.

I know, I know… Matt’s… dare I say it?

… dead…


But, well, if you know anything about me at all, or read my book *hint, hint* then you’d know that I sort of have a thing for dead guys.

I’m sure it seems weird that of all the characters in all the books, that i’d be in love with the dead one. But I think it’s partially because he’s dead that I love him so much. I mean, he can’t screw anything up. He can’t cheat, or lie, or do anything bad – so he stays perfectly perfect – forever. I really did love Twenty Boy Summer and all the scenes that had Matt in it, left me begging for more. And the heartache that followed was so freaking relatable that I felt like Sarah Ockler was reading my mind as she wrote her words.

So yeah. Matt from Twenty Boy Summer is my dead Valentine. And no, I won’t pick a valentine who’s alive – he’d probably screw the whole day up and piss me off anyway. 🙂

xoxo- Jenn

Thank you Jenn for sharing your book crush with Treasured Tales.  I will have to add Twenty Boy Summer to my ‘to be read’ list.

Say hello to Jenn at:

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Would you like to win a copy of Lola and the Boy Next Door?  Details on the competitions page.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Book Love #6

  1. *sigh* I have a thing for dead guys too like caspian from the hollow with his great humor and never ending love for abbey his “other half” 😀

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