30 Days of Hunger Games – Post #2

30 Days of Hunger Games

Hello Hunger Games fans. Today, Treasured Tales for Young Adults is giving participants in the A World of Words – 30 Days of Hunger Games – a chance to gain an extra entry.  Just leave a comment below, telling me which of the books in the Hunger Games trilogy is your favourite.  Don’t forget to also include your name (the one on your capital id) and what district you are from in your comment.

Make sure you comment by the 29th of February for the extra entry to count.

You can still sign up to participate in the 30 Days of Hunger Games.  Just head to the sign up page at A World of Words, which you can do by clicking here.



5 thoughts on “30 Days of Hunger Games – Post #2

  1. Mockingjay is my favorite among the three, which is really surprising because I always tend to like the first book in a series. I guess this book is an exemption.

  2. It’s so hard to pick! I think that Catching Fire was the coolest because of that intense Quarter Quell, and I loved all the Peeta/Katniss stuff, but Mockinjay got to me the most, and so much happened!.

    Jessica Sutton – District 10

  3. yey!!! My Favorite….that’s hard… : / but I’ll go with Mockingjay…because that’s when everything ends…either for better or for worse… at least…all the suffering and the horrible ended…even though I cried harder than a baby with that book…still….I loved it 😀

    Alba Solorzano
    District 11

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