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Hi everyone,

Today, is the Australian DVD release of The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn: Part One (*happy dance*) and to celebrate, Dawn, from I Love Books has written a guest post about her love of Twilight. Welcome to Treasured Tales, Dawn. 😀


So, just about anybody with a pulse knows about the hugely successful Twilight Saga. For me the Twilight Saga was a life changer, as far as my book-reading tastes go anyway.

I have always been a BIG reader, but through the years books seemed to run together, and I felt like I was just reading the same book over and over. Twilight was the first YA series I had read. Even as a teenager I read more adult based books. Mostly historical romance.

So, it had been years since I had picked up a book. Then I kept hearing about an amazing YA vampire book. I kept thinking: so what’s all the fuss about? Of course I had to find out for myself. I borrowed Twilight from my little sister and began reading the epic tale. Once I picked it up, no one could pry it from my fingers.

Stephenie Meyer put a whole new unique spin on vampires. Suddenly vampires weren’t all evil blood sucking evil creatures. We met the Cullen family and fell head over heels in love.

So, like most of the human population, I was sucked into this imaginary world created by this amazing author. After Twilight, I wanted so much more! I think I read the whole series in as little as a week! But that wasn’t the end, I re-read each book over and over as any die hard Twilight fan has done.

This opened up a whole new world for me. I hunted the bookstore for more YA vampire romance. And wow, I found some amazing authors! First I stumbled onto L.J Smith’s Vampire Diaries and Night world. Then came Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy and the list kept growing!

So I owe Stephenie Meyer a big thank you for renewing my love for reading! All thanks to this one series, I have a very successful facebook page called I love Books with over 3,000 fans! I have met some of the most amazing indie authors! And all this started when I picked up Twilight! Thank you Stephenie Meyer for giving me, and the world such an amazing gift!

Now you all know what the Twilight Saga means to me! I know it holds different meanings for everyone that has read this series. Thank you for the chance to tell my story. I’m sorry if I rattled on a bit but this is a very emotional subject for me, as it is for tons of Twilight fans all over the world.


Thanks Dawn for your post. You can say hello to Dawn, by stopping by her book page –

I Love Books.

I adore the Twilight books. They also got me back into reading. To read my post about why I love Twilight, just click here.

So Treasured Tales fans – what do you love about Twilight?  Did the books get you back into reading?  Have you bought your DVD copy of Breaking Dawn?


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