Author Guest Post: Amalie Howard

Today, Amalie Howard has stopped by Treasured Tales for Young Adults, to talk about her upcoming novel, Bloodcraft – sequel to Bloodspell.  Welcome to Treasured Tales, Amalie.


~ Guest Post ~


Thanks so much for letting me chat about the Bloodspell sequel, BLOODCRAFT.

Starting off from where we left off in Bloodspell, in the second book, readers will be seeing a lot more of our heroes, Christian and Victoria, as well as some of the other supporting characters like Leto, Lucian and Angie. They will also be introduced to several new characters who have agendas of their own, especially now that the Sang Noir is in play. The sequel is set in Paris so I’m really excited about that, and it really delves into Victoria’s past and how the blood curse originated. There will be some unexpected twists that readers will not expect as it relates to the blood curse. One of them is going to shock you!

Readers will also learn more about the Reii, the Vampire Ancients, and will come to understand more about Christian, how he was turned and why he is so important to the vampire society. I’m excited to develop Christian more in this book since in Bloodspell, he was more of a foil to Victoria. But he is a powerful vampire lord in his own right and I wanted him to have his own defining moments in this book.

In terms of their relationship, Christian and Victoria are together, but they are no longer in the sheltered world of Canville, Maine. Instead, they are in Paris, home of both the Witch Clans and the Vampire Council, so they are going to face a lot more opposition to their relationship. They are going to have to fight for it, and I’ll be honest with you, it’s going to be tough to not let people and propaganda come between them. Because of the centuries of hate between both worlds, each side will pull our couple in opposing directions and force them to make impossible—and at times heartbreaking—choices.

However in the end, both the Witch Clans and the Vampire Council will have to come together to face a terrible new threat—one that will consume witches and vampires alike. On top of it all, Victoria will be offered the irresistible choice of giving up the blood curse and becoming human, which means she can be with Christian in every way. But like all choices, it comes with its own set of consequences.

So there are a lot of new and exciting things happening in BLOODCRAFT, and it’s going to take you on another thrilling ride, one full of action, romance and suspense. We are still confirming the official publication date, but hopefully I’ll be able to share more on that very soon. In the meantime, thanks for all the BLOODSPELL love and support! You guys are the greatest! I’d love to hear your thoughts so connect with me on Twitter (@AmalieHoward) or Facebook ( or send me an email via


To whet your appetites, here’s a sneak peek of a scene between Christian and Victoria from BLOODCRAFT.

~ Sneak Peek from the Bloodspell sequel – Bloodcraft ~

“Kiss me then, already,” Victoria said, her voice hoarse. Christian obliged, bending his head and brushing his warm lips across hers, but she pulled away until only their fingertips were touching.

“Not that way, the other way,” she said breathless. This way.

Her mental voice was a coaxing caress. Christian’s eyes burned silver as she slipped past the doors of his mind, her essence twirling around his consciousness, so seductive, it overtook him in seconds. She was like liquid fire, touching everywhere inside of him all at once. He returned her illusory caresses until she slid her hand up his arm and he broke away, the friction of her fingers nearly combustive.

What’s wrong? Victoria thought gently.

Christian stared at her flushed cheeks, his free hand cradling her jaw. All he wanted to do was to pull her into his arms and kiss her for real—kiss her until neither of them could speak. But it was far too dangerous. The reality was neither of them could be trusted when things got heated—her treacherous blood couldn’t be trusted—so they’d had to settle for something more controlled, less risky. But as intense as the mental thing was, nothing could surpass the feel of physical contact, the feel of her skin against his, her breath mingling with his … her taste …

I want … Christian stared into her luminous green eyes, his natural vampire magnetism compelling despite himself. His gaze dropped to her lips recklessly. More.

Victoria blinked, responsive, and for an instant Christian thought he saw a shimmer of black flash in her eyes, but when she looked up, only their green warmth enveloped him.

Yes, they said.

Desire and hunger spun into the perfect storm as Victoria slid her fingers against his nape and held his head captive to hers, Christian’s lips and mouth recreating every scorching step of their earlier mental exchange. He kissed her cheek, her jaw, her ear, inhaling her scent and descending lower, pressing into the taut column of her neck as she arched toward him lost in sensation. Her throat, so beautiful, so close

Her blood was singing, the dusky flush spiraling under her skin, the warm earthy smell of her intoxicating. Christian leaned in, his teeth grazing the translucent rose-tinted skin. His jaw tightened. He could feel her pulse humming beneath his lips, louder and louder, inviting him in.

All his desires coalesced into a single, insistent command.

Take it.


Thank you Amalie, for the guest post, and the sneak peek of Bloodcraft. 😀

Wow, wasn’t that a fantastic sneak peek? Are you excited for Bloodcraft?  I know I am.


Author bio:

Amalie Howard grew up on a small Caribbean island where she spent most of her childhood with her nose buried in a book or being a tomboy running around barefoot, shimmying up mango trees and dreaming of adventure. She received a bachelor’s degree from Colby College in Maine in International Studies and French, and a certificate in French Literature from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, France. She has also lived in Los Angeles, Boston, and New York City. She has worked as a research assistant, marketing rep, global sales executive, freelance writer, and blogger. A lover of other cultures and new experiences, especially of the culinary variety, she has traveled extensively across North America and Europe, and as far east as China, Indonesia, and Australia. She currently resides in New York with her husband, three children, and one very willful cat that she is convinced may have been a witch’s cat in a past life.

Amalie Howard’s debut novel, Bloodspell, evolved from a short story that took on an eerie life of its own, and is undoubtedly the result of a lifelong infatuation with witchcraft, vampires, and excessive amounts of chocolate.

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More information about the Bloodspell series and Amalie Howard:

goodreads ~ website ~ Bloodspell website

facebook ~ twitter

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