Author talk and book signing: Claudia Gray

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Claudia Gray when she visited my hometown for an author talk and book signing.

The event was held at one of my local libraries.  The staff organised a lovely event.  There were yummy sandwiches for us to eat while we were waiting for Claudia to arrive and there was also a trivia contest.  If you answered a question correctly you won a Team Balthazar t-shirt.  I won one.  yay

There were a lovely bunch of roses on the table.  I couldn’t resist.  I had to smell them – they had such a beautiful fragrance.  They looked so nice that I just had to take a photo of them.  😀

For those who are unfamiliar with Claudia Gray, she is the author of the Evernight series, Fateful, and the newly released novel Balthazar – which is a book about one of the characters in the Evernight series.

Claudia talked a little about her novels and answered some question from the audience.  She talked about her new upcoming series, SpellcasterSpellcaster is going to be about witches and it sounds really good.  At the moment the main character’s name is Nadia, but that could change.  Claudia explained that she had already changed the name of the character about 5 times and that at the moment Nadia seems to be the right name.  After Claudia finished answering questions from the audience, she then spent the next 30 minutes signing books.

She was lovely to talk to, and I got all my Evernight books signed, as well as having my photo taken with her.  😀


When I got my books signed by Claudia, I got an extra copy of Evernight signed.  One lucky person will be receiving this signed copy.

There will be a giveaway next month – as part of Treasured Tales’ one year blogoversary – and I will be giving this signed copy of Evernight away.  😀  Not only that, I will be giving away the entire Evernight series set.  That’s Evernight (signed by Claudia), Stargazer, Hourglass and Afterlife.  How cool is that?  Check the blog on the 1st of May for details.


3 thoughts on “Author talk and book signing: Claudia Gray

  1. OMG!!!!! This is just!! Too much!!! I’m so jealous!!! it seems to me that Claudia ROCKS! big time!
    Happy for you!!!!!! And can’t wait for your celebration to start!

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