Review: Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters by J. Sterling

Book description (from Goodreads) –

Caroline Weber was a normal girl who thought she had her life figured out. After graduating from college in New York, she moved to San Francisco with her boyfriend, Clay. Everything in her life felt perfect. There wasn’t anything she would change…

…until she met Jackson Parks.

Is it possible that a chance meeting with a stranger can make you question EVERYTHING you thought you wanted? Caroline tries to carry on with her life as if nothing has changed…but the truth is, nothing can ever be the same.

Chance Encounters is an emotional love story about trusting and following your heart, even when it’s leading you down a difficult path.

Sometimes other hearts have to break in order to keep yours intact.


What do you do if you love the one your with – you adore them and love them with your whole heart – but then one day you meet someone who you have an instant and deep connection with? What if this person could possibly be your soulmate – the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. Could you just walk away?

This is the question that is tearing Caroline in two. Does she stay with Clay, her boyfriend, who she loves and who she thought was her future, or does she choose Jackson, a man she met on a plane flight, who she shares a deep connection with?

Caroline will have to make the heart-breaking decision of choosing between two men who love her deeply. Is it Clay or Jackson, who truly has her heart?


What a beautiful novel J. Sterling has written. I absolutely adored Chance Encounters. I could not stop reading; I just had to know what Caroline would decide.

I loved how real this story felt; I loved the emotional roller-coaster that this novel took me on (I cried a few times) and, most of all, I loved the characters.

Caroline has a good heart and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, especially her boyfriend, but she knows that hearts are going to break. She doesn’t talk to Jackson just for the fun of it, or to intentionally hurt Clay. She just happens to meet someone who she feels a deep connection with, something she has never felt before, and she can’t ignore it. She doesn’t know what to do. Does she stay in a relationship that feels comfortable, with a man who she thought she would one day marry? Or does she give up everything to be with a man, who could possibly be everything that she didn’t know she was looking for?

Helping Caroline with her decision is one of her best friends, Bailey. I just loved Bailey. She was such a beautiful friend to Caroline; she never judged her, she just offered Caroline her support, advice and, above all, her friendship.

From the moment that Jackson enters Caroline’s life, it is easy to see why she developed feelings for him. I thought he was so kind and I just loved his ability to love someone so deeply. He was shocked that he could have feelings for a woman who had a boyfriend, but he just felt this pull towards Caroline. He said and did some very beautiful and romantic things during the novel.

Alex was another character that I just loved. Alex was to Jackson, what Bailey was to Caroline. Alex supported his friend with such loyalty. He always had Jackson’s back. I really enjoyed their conversations and I loved their friendship.

Last but certainly not least is Clay. I could certainly understand why Caroline was torn between Clay and Jackson. Clay may be a little career focused but he is a genuinely nice guy who loves Caroline, and I loved the birthday date that he arranged for her. He really is a sweetheart. There were a few times that I found myself getting slightly angry with Caroline for talking to Jackson behind Clay’s back. However, every time I found myself getting a little angry with Caroline, in that same moment, I could completely understand why she was talking to Jackson. My heart broke for Caroline, Clay and Jackson; I felt protective of them and I wanted them all to find happiness.

Chance Encounters by J. Sterling is such a beautiful novel, and so respectfully told. I love how J. Sterling gets to the heart of her characters – their emotions just leap off the page.  I found myself being pulled deeper and deeper into the story with each turn of the page . After I finished reading Chance Encounters, I found myself thinking about the characters for the next few hours.  I couldn’t get them off my mind. This is definitely a novel that I will be reading again.

Filled with both heart-breaking and uplifting moments, Chance Encounters is a beautifully told and deeply moving story, that will captivate readers.


*Thank you to J. Sterling for providing me with a copy of Chance Encounters to review.


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