(Blogoversary Celebration) Author Guest Post: Jenna Kay (Part Two)

Hi everyone, Here is the second part of Jenna’s guest post.  In this post, Jenna kindly shares an excerpt from Broken, book 2 in the Seer Society series.  Broken will be released in December 2012 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing. Thanks for the excerpt Jenna. 😀


    Chapter 1 Excerpt/Broken, Book Two in the Seer Society

The vibration of my cell phone shook me wide awake, a digital clock on my nightstand reading three AM.  I jerked myself up, which was a totally bad idea.  My body was a big mass of pain due to the arduous workout routine I’d devised, which consisted of weights, punching and kicking a heavy bag, and karate.
Well, the little I’d read on karate, anyway.

I’d broken my arm the night of the Thanksgiving dance a few weeks back.  The night Nick Reece shocked the entire town by killing Kevin Davis and then himself.  Luckily the cast had come off, but the bad thing was that I had to wear a brace.  I was also told not to do anything strenuous.  Of course I was a really, really bad listener.

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy for a country gal like me to be learning to fight, but after recent events I’d felt it necessary to learn how to defend myself. Oh, and being a Seer and fighting demons had a lot to do with it as well. Grabbing the caustic-sounding phone I answered with a,  “Yeah?”  No one answered, though I could hear someone breathing heavily on the other end.

“Hello?!”  I said with more force, beginning to get angry because if this was a freaking prank call or a pervert I was sooo about to go ballistic on them.

“C-Clarity. . .”  A voice spoke softly but loud enough for me to recognize.

“Kora?”  I exclaimed, becoming fully awake.  “What’s wrong with you?  Do ya know what ti–”   

“Clarity, can you come over please?”  Kora cut in, surprising me with her defeated tone.

My hands began to tingle with a familiar heat, signaling to me that something was up.  Since I’d learned about my Seer abilities I was slowly beginning to trust my little “alarms” in the palms of my hands.  

When they glowed green that meant that angels were near.  When they glowed red that meant that demons were near.  When they glowed a bright white light that meant that the Big Man upstairs was with me.  Sam, my guardian angel, had informed me later of how special that particular light is—the most important of all.  

The worst color was black, which didn’t glow but covered the entirety of my Seer marks (crosses, wings, and crowns).  I felt my heart fall to my toes when I saw that my hands were covered with black, like I had stuck my hands in tar.

Jumping out of bed, cradling my cell phone between my cheek and shoulder while pulling my long, tangled hair back in a ponytail I said,  “I’ll be right over.”  I paused, closed my eyes and took a deep breath.   “Kora. . .what’s happened?”

“It’s mom,”  she whispered.  “She’s dead.”


Wow, what an excerpt.  Thanks for sharing Jenna. Have you read Mark of the Seer?  Are you looking forward to the sequel, Broken?

Check out part one of Jenna’s guest post.


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Author bio (from Jenna’s website) –

Jenna Kay has always had a vivid imagination.  Blessed with three older brothers and two loving parents that encouraged her to follow her dreams, she decided to leave an 8 year career of being a cosmetologist to become a full time author.  Jenna felt that it was time to bring the supernatural to life.  Her novel, “Mark of the Seer” will be Jenna’s first with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.

Jenna currently resides in North Georgia where, when not writing, she spends time with her three young children and her loving husband.  Jenna’s heart is to impact the lives of young adults that are going through the hardships of this life with a hope that there is way more out there than just the pains of the world.


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