(Blogoversary Celebration) Character Interview: Giselle Bergman

Hi everyone. Today, I’m very excited to share with you a character interview with Giselle, from The Shadows Trilogy. In the Shadows and Walking With Shadows, by Julieanne Lynch, are the first two novels in the trilogy – they are amazing. A big thank you to Julieanne Lynch for sharing Giselle with Treasured Tales for Young Adults, and a big thank you to Giselle.  😀


Hi Giselle, Welcome to Treasured Tales for Young Adults.

It’s great to be here, Alishia.

Would you tell us a little about yourself and what your life has been like these past 6 months?

Well, life has been beyond crazy. Before all this happened, I was pretty content with life. I was team captain of our softball team at school, I enjoyed going to concerts, and hanging out with Alex; doing our little rituals.  I loved Marc so much. I was happy. The past six months have put all my hopes and dreams to rest, and I am constantly battling this new existence. It’s been so hard trying to adjust to my new life and the thirst that can sometimes be all too consuming. I find it hard to believe that I am no longer 100% human, my feelings are still the same, my heart still beats, but it’s the monster that I’ve become. I mean, if I wanted to, I could kill someone, take their life for my own, and that scares me. It’s already happened once, and the fallout from that put my own future in jeopardy. It’s been so hard, and there are times when I could easily give up running from the darkness and just let it take me. But for some reason, Antoine refuses to allow me to give up and his strength and faith in me keeps me fighting. Little by little I am learning to accept this life, it’s all I have now, there really is no point in me trying to ignore what I have become; this is the new me.

Your life completely changed the night Alex bit you – what is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Alex?

Hate! I know it’s such a strong word, but everything changed the moment he took my future from me. I trusted him with everything in my life, and I mean everything. I feel so angry with myself for being so dependent on him, and I find it so hard to look in the mirror and see what he’s done to me. Up until that night, I didn’t believe in monsters, I was completely oblivious to the supernatural world, and even now I have to stop and look around me, trying to make sense of it all.

You have met many evil people over the past six months – who do you think has the most evil/dangerous agenda?

Although Xavier is evil, and let me be honest here, he scares me to no end. It’s his eyes, they pull you into the darkness and it suffocates you. Atarah is the one who has the most dangerous agenda. She was so warm and inviting when I first met her, but she soon showed her true intentions and to think about her and Alex makes me feel sick to the core. They disgust me, and until she is dead I don’t think I will ever be truly safe.

What or who frightens you the most?

I fear the uncertainty of my future. I have no idea what’s in store for me, and I am learning very quickly that I can’t trust everyone. Between Xavier and Atarah, and all the lies and deceit, I doubt I will be happy until both of them have been dealt with properly. But most of all I fear something happening to my baby. Up until now I was only invested in my own safety, but all that has changed. I will stop at nothing to ensure the protection of my child.

How would you describe your feelings towards Antoine?

Umm, one thing is for sure, he infuriates me to no end. I swear he gets a kick out of winding me up, and I am pretty sure he has got it down to a fine art now. But he is the most amazing man I’ve met since my change. I feel completely safe with him and although the monster inside him scares me, I know he would never do anything to harm me. Of course, there is no denying how gorgeous he is. His eyes are mesmerizing and when I see him or think of him, I get that crazy feeling of butterflies inside. Maybe I am just infatuated with him, but it is a welcome feeling in a world that can be full of doubt and darkness. Who knows what may happen in the future, but one thing is for sure, Antoine is a permanent fixture.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learnt over the past few months?

That I shouldn’t put so much faith in people, especially at face value. That is a major fault of mine and one that most likely put me in this situation in the first place. I need to keep my guard up and have people earn my trust.

What gives you strength?

Motherhood.  Until my baby, I felt weak and naïve. He’s changed all that. I have something worth fighting for now. I have changed and I will keep on changing. I no longer doubt my abilities in this new life, and with a trusted group of allies, I will continue to use my new strengths to my advantage.

What is your greatest wish for you and your baby’s future?

I wish my family would accept both of us back into their lives.  I want nothing more than my own mother to spend time with my baby, nurturing him the way she did me. If I could be half the mother she has been to me, then my baby will be happy. Family means so much to me, and after everything I’ve been through, I have a new and clear understanding of the values of family. I just want to be happy again.

Thank you so much for the interview Giselle, and for being a part of Treasured Tales for Young Adults‘ one year blogoversary celebration.

Thank you for having me. Congratulations.


I just love this interview. Giselle is one of my all time favourite female characters, so I have been really excited about this interview. A big thank you again to Julieanne Lynch for the interview.


Author bio (from Goodreads) –

Fiery Librian Julieanne Lynch is an author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens. Originally from Northern Ireland, Julieanne now lives in the Republic of Ireland, where she works on her Shadows Trilogy and other series full-time. Before becoming a writer, she considered a few different career paths, a rock star being one of them. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at The Open University, and considered journalism as a career path. However, she decided writing was the way for her and believes all of her education and reading prepared her for it.

An avid reader, Julieanne has always had an encompassing fascination with folklore. When not writing, she enjoys crime series such as Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS and Cold Case, and loves anything with Vampires, listening to metal, meeting new people, drinking lots of green tea, and sharing her dreams with her children. She is a self-professed goth wanna-be,and is happy when left to write into the early hours of the morning.


More information about The Shadows Trilogy and Julieanne Lynch:

goodreads ~ blog ~ website

The Shadows Trilogy facebook page ~ Julieanne’s facebook page

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  1. Hi Giselle, nice to meet you.
    I really enjoy the characters interviews and Giselle is very interesting!

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    (My FB name is Demitra Giote)

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