Exalted Blog Tour – Review: Stolen

Hello everyone and welcome to Treasured Tales for Young Adults.  Ella James’ fourth book in the Stained series, Exalted, is being released on the 14th of September and to celebrate Ella James has put together an amazing blog tour.  Today, as part of the tour, I will be sharing with you my review of Stolen, book two in the Stained series, as well as announcing a fantastic giveaway.


Stolen by Ella James (The Stained Series #2)

Book description –

With Cayne’s fate in the hands of his enemies and Julia spirited away to the covert Stained compound, the two are separated by impenetrable walls and a gulf of unanswered questions. Soon Julia learns the truth about the Stained and the plans they have for her, the compound is attacked, and a new group is running from an unwanted destiny, searching the globe in pursuit of the knowledge that just might save them all.


Continuing right where the first novel Stained finishes, Stolen starts with Julia desperately trying to free Cayne from his captors.  Unsuccessful, Julia and Cayne find themselves at the Chosen (Stained) headquarters – separated from each other.  Cayne has been imprisoned, causing Julia immense worry, but Cayne is only one of Julia’s overwhelming concerns.  She is alone in a strange place, surrounded by uncertainty, she isn’t sure who she can trust, and Nathan (who was responsible for her and Cayne’s capture) isn’t very forthcoming with answers.  Julia wants to know why Nathan believes that Cayne has committed crimes against the Chosen.

Julia is given the answers from Cayne himself, and after what he tells her she isn’t sure if she can trust him.  She doesn’t know if she can be with him any more.  While I find Julia to be a very likeable character, at times I found myself quite annoyed with her treatment of Cayne.  I could understand why she was hesitant with him, but I also felt that she was too hard on Cayne at times.  Julia’s feelings for Cayne run hot and cold during the novel and I just couldn’t completely agree with her.  Cayne has never done anything to physically hurt Julia, but she lets what Nathan says to her about Cayne influence her.

Nathan is a character that intrigues me.  He comes across as harsh and arrogant, but at times he shows glimpses – very tiny glimpses – of caring.  I am interested in learning more about him.  Does he really believe in everything that he tells Julia?

A character who is the complete opposite of Nathan is Meredith.  She is funny, kind and very sweet.  Meredith is so excited to have Julia at the Chosen compound.  She feels that she and Julia are going to be great friends.  Meredith wants Julia to trust her but, understandably, Julia has her doubts at putting her trust in Meredith.

Throughout the novel there are moments of shock, horror, tragedy, action and suspense.  Page after page Julia has so much to deal with.  She is learning more about people like her – the Chosen – as well as learning what it means to be a Candidate and about The Three.  The more Julia learns, the more she is confused and horrified.  All Julia wants is to leave the Chosen headquarters, but who can she trust?

While the majority of Stolen is from Julia’s perspective – the reader is exposed to everything that Julia is – there are a few chapters from Cayne’s perspective.  These chapters made me like Cayne even more.  A twist about Cayne is revealed, one that I am looking forward to reading more about in Chosen, the third book in the Stained series.

Author Ella James sure knows how to create suspense and cliffhangers.  Suspense and action fill the pages of Stolen, creating a sitting-on-the- edge-of-your-seat journey for the reader.


*Thank you to Ella James for providing me with a copy of Stolen to review.


Published by: Barkley’s Books
Released date: April 2012


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