Review: When it Happens

when it happensWhen it Happens by Susane Colasanti

Book description –

It’s the final year of high-school and Sara wants two things: to get into a top university – and to find true love.

Tobey also wants two things: to win the Battle of the Bands – and to make Sara fall in love with him.

One year.

One boy.

One girl.

One very real love.


I had always wanted to read a novel written by Susane Colasanti, so I was eagerly anticipating just what I would discover between the pages of When it Happens.  The story sounded so interesting, so romantic: a boy and girl, both in their senior year, both looking for something real – true love.  But after I turned the final page, I felt disappointed.  When it Happens just didn’t meet my expectations.

The plot was interesting, but I felt that author Susane Colasanti didn’t delve deep enough into the story, into the emotions of the characters.  I often felt that I was told, not shown, what the characters were feeling.  I wanted more.

The main characters, Sara and Tobey, are likeable; although I did find myself getting angry with Tobey for his lying.  The secondary characters all had their own stories to tell, but again, I felt that their stories stayed on the surface.  I wanted to know more about them.

When it Happens was Susane Colasanti’s first novel, and she has written many novels since.  While When it Happens was not my cup of tea, I could see Colasanti’s potential as a story-teller, which is why I would read another of her novels; I’m particularly interested in her novel Keep Holding On.

I didn’t hate When it Happens, but I didn’t love it either.  I just wanted more.


*Thank you to Scholastic Australia for providing me with a copy of When it Happens to review.


Published by: Scholastic UK
Release date: August 2012 (first published in the USA in 2006)


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