Character Guest Post: Eden Newman


Hi everyone. *waves hello*  I hope you are having a nice weekend.  Today, Eden Newman (the heroine of the Save the Pearls series by author Victoria Foyt) has stopped by Treasured Tales with a character guest post.  Thank you to Victoria for sharing Eden with Treasured Tales, Matt for arranging the guest post and, of course, Eden Newman.


(This character guest post is slightly spoiler-ish if you haven’t read Revealing Eden and Adapting Eden)



Why is it so hard to find love on this cruel, misbegotten world? Most people who live in the Tunnels believe that love is long dead, nothing more than a childish myth. But if I fulfill my destiny, that’s about to change.

Kind of ironic, isn’t it? Me, Eden Newman, a Pearl who couldn’t find a mate to save her life, literally, has somehow inherited the job of goddess of love! And it’s no easy task, either. I will have to vanquish the overblown forces of war and hate that have hardened people’s hearts and made the world so unreceptive to love’s presence.

Believe or not, love once flourished on Earth. I know because as a researcher at a big lab, I had access to many secret files where I discovered an entire cache of what were called “romance novels.” Pretty silly stuff: girl meets boy, they have a misunderstanding, girl secretly likes boy, but won’t admit it, external forces conspire to bring them together, again and again, despite themselves, and finally, the underlying confusion is cleared up, they kiss and make up, and—this part always kills me—live happily ever after, way past age forty.

Still, I confess: I could not stop reading those romance novels. The implausible but achingly tender stories stirred something foreign in me. Longing, my mother called it, when I dared to tell her the truth.

Mother said that love still existed, even in our underground, post-apocalyptic world. She believed you could see evidence of it in a smile or kind word, however rare they were. And she wasn’t the only one, either. Our adopted aunt, Emily Dickinson, spouted some amazing lines about love:

That Love is all there is

Is all we know about Love;

It is enough, the freight should be

Proportioned to the groove.

Well, now I know for sure that love and longing are real because every day my heart beats true for my beloved, Bramford. I can hardly get through an hour without wondering when I will see him again, and if he is alive and well.

Perhaps, like in those Old World novels, Bramford and I were the two most unlikely people ever to fall in love. To start with, we stood on the opposite sides of wealth and status. He was a powerful Coal, and I was a lowly Pearl. What else do you need to know?

Okay, at first I hated him. And I’m pretty sure he hated me too. He could barely look me in the eye at the lab he owned. But forces conspired to bring us together in the most unlikely place—the last patch of rainforest.

Somehow, Bramford and I overcame our differences and found love. And so must the world’s remaining population, if life will continue, as we know it. Well, not exactly as we know it—man must adapt. Adapt with love. It’s the only way.

My head is spinning at the idea of love resuming its natural place in the order of things. Will songs be written about it again? Will people mate for love, and die for love? I will, for one.

Change has to begin somewhere, why not with me? Eden Newman, newly ordained goddess of love.

Thank you for the guest post, Eden.


Have you read Revealing Eden and Adapting Eden (books one and two in the Save the Pearls series)

Would you like Eden’s job – to be a goddess of love?


Adapting Eden

Adapting Eden (Save the Pearls #2)

Book description (from Goodreads) –

In the sequel to the dystopian novel, Revealing Eden, Eden Newman must adapt into a hybrid human beast if she hopes to become Ronson Bramford’s mate. She has no choice but to undergo her father’s adaptation experiment at his makeshift laboratory in the last patch of rainforest. But when the past rears its ugly head, Eden and Bramford must abandon camp along with their family and friends.

Luckily, an Aztec tribe that has survived with the aid of a healing plant provides them with sanctuary—or is it? Too late, Eden realizes she is at the center of an epic spiritual battle between love and war.To survive, she must face her deepest fears or lose everything, including the beastly man she loves.


For more info, visit the official Save the Pearls website:

~ Save the Pearls ~


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