Blogger Guest Post: Toby (from Toby and the Munchkin) [Twilight 5th Anniversary Celebration]


Today, Toby (from Toby and the Munchkin) has stopped by Treasured Tales with the final Twilight 5th Anniversary Celebration post.  Thank you for the post, Toby, and welcome to Treasured Tales.  😀



It would have been late 2009 or very early 2010 when an amazing, positive change happened with my life.

As a teenager, I’d developed a love for vampire fiction. I mostly read vampire love-stories, but I dabbled a little in vampire gothic-horror too, but romance was my favourite. It was years since I’d enjoyed any sort of vampire books or movies. I’d simply become too wrapped up in everyday life: taking part in my apprenticeship; developing a career and then eventually becoming a busy Mum of two little girls, I’d simply stopped reading books, and almost never saw movies.

Over the last year there had been a lot of talk about a particular movie. All I knew was that it involved vampires, and was supposed to be ‘very good’. As my partner hates to watch any form of ‘rubbish’ in a movie (i.e. anything that doesn’t involve car-chases) it took me a while to get around to being able to hire out anything that he wouldn’t watch.

One day he was spending his evening at a work social-meal, so I decided that I would go out earlier in the day and hire the movie that I’d heard about. It was a little movie called ‘Twilight‘.

Husband out. Babies asleep. I settled down to watch this movie. Hoping that it might live up to some of the great vampire-romance books I’d read in my teen years.

Within minutes, I’d been drawn into Bella’s world, and her new life back in Forks. Totally captivated, I enjoyed my journey through the story and remember feeling stunned at the beauty and fragility of the meadow scene. I think that was the point in the movie where I felt a sense of true ‘magic’ about the story I was watching.

I continued with them until the prom scene. Outside, with Bella asking Edward to change her and Edward refusing: this was the point when I realised that this story had totally captivated me. I literally felt like I’d just had a little veil of magic settle over me from this amazing story.

The magic continued. The next day, I sought out the books. It was literally the first time in years that I’d sat down and read a book. I devoured them. I literally could not put them down. I even stood cooking the evening meal, whilst reading (I burned the food, but as I do that everyday anyway, it was of no surprise to anyone 🙂 )

From dawn till dusk, I read the books: finding more details of Bella’s life from Twilight; falling in love with Jacob and his love for Bella in New Moon; fearing Victoria and her army in Eclipse; and the rollercoaster ride of Breaking Dawn, until finally, Bella and Edward complete their family, Jacob finds his true love, and they all find their little piece of ‘forever’.

I’m very grateful to Stephenie Meyer, for creating her wonderful world that captured me from it’s very beginning with Twilight. Stephenie re-awakened in me my dormant love for vampire love-stories. She re-introduced me to the wonder and love of reading that I had completely forgotten about. I’ve lost track of the hundreds of books I’ve read since, of all sorts of different genres, delving into new stories and new worlds of adventure. The type of books I probably read and enjoy the most are Young Adult books. I strive to encourage and share my love of reading with my girls. I hope that one day, they will enjoy the Twilight Saga as much as I have.

And it all started with a little movie called ‘Twilight‘.

Thank you Stephenie, you truly are a weaver of magic.

Toby T Twilighter



Thank you, Toby, for sharing your thoughts on Twilight.  You can visit Toby’s blog by clicking here.



Don’t forget to check out the competition page for your chance to win a Twilight prize pack.

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