Feature and Follow Friday #10

feature and follow friday


Feature and Follow Friday is a weekly event hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read that allows bloggers to spread the word about their blog and gain new followers. Each week bloggers also answer a book related question. This week’s question is:

Hard print (real thing) or Kindle/Nook, which is your favourite? – Suggested by The Realm of Books

I  do like the convenience of e-readers/e-books but I love holding a hard print copy of a book in my hands.  Being able to turn paper pages of a book, put a bookmark between the pages, display books on a shelf – it can’t be beat.


Which do you prefer – e-books or hard print?


Happy #FF



10 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday #10

  1. I love e-readers and books too! I love being able to hold all my books on my e-reader, but even when I’m reading off of one, my fingers instantly go to the corner as if to turn the page. You’ll never be able to take books away from me, I love them too much!
    Check out my
    Elizabeth @ Stuffed Shelves

  2. Me too, I feel the same way. I love the book sniffing, tangible, amazing feeling you get when you’re holding a physical copy of a book by an author that you adore. But, then I also love having the convinience of a Kindle too. 🙂

    New follower.

    Happy Reading and Hopping Through! 🙂
    Suz @ A Soul Unsung

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