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(Blogoversary Celebration) Author Interview: Jill Hathaway

Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed Treasured Tales for Young Adults‘ blogoversary celebration. A huge thank you to all the authors who participated. To close the celebration, Jill Hathaway, author of Slide, has stopped by the blog with an interview. Thank you for the interview Jill. 😀


Hi Jill, Thank you for visiting Treasured Tales for Young Adults, to help celebrate its one year blogoversary.

Would you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a high school English teacher, mother, and recovering World of Warcraft addict.

Do you have a favourite time of day when you prefer to write?

Mornings are good for me. I usually go to the library and crank out a few thousand words before lunch.

Who are some of your favourite authors, and have you had the opportunity to meet any of them?

A couple of my favorite authors are Stephen King and Donna Tartt. I’ve never met either of them.

What was your favourite novel as a child, and has it inspired or influenced the way your write?

I remember really liking Remember Me by Christopher Pike. Maybe it did influence me because people have compared SLIDE to Pike’s stories.

If you could choose any author to collaborate on a novel with, who would you choose and why?

Megan Miranda, because she’s my brain twin.

What do you find to be the hardest and most rewarding parts of being an author?

Revision is both the hardest and most rewarding part of writing. Oh, but you said being an author. I’d say finding time for social networking on top of writing is difficult. But it’s so rewarding to hear from someone who has read and enjoyed SLIDE.

When writing a novel, do you outline the entire plot first, or do you like to let the characters guide you?

I used to be a pantser, but I’m slooooowly becoming a bit of an outliner.

When you think of your novel, Slide, what is the first word that comes to mind?


How would you describe Vee (the main character in Slide) in five words or less?

Cynical, pink, protective, strong, smart

What are you working on at the moment, and is there anything about it that you can share with us?

I just finished revising IMPOSTOR, SLIDE’s sequel, which will be out next spring! Vee is freaked out when she realizes someone else has been sliding into her and possibly trying to frame her for a serious crime.

Thank you for the interview Jill.


Doesn’t Imposter, the sequel to Slide, sound intriguing? Have you read Slide?


More information about Slide and author Jill Hathaway:

goodreads ~ website ~ blog 


Author bio (from Goodreads) –

Jill Hathaway lives in the Des Moines area with her husband and young daughter. Having earned her BA in English Education from the University of Northern Iowa and her MA in Literature from Iowa State University, she teaches high school English and dual credit courses for Des Moines Area Community College.

(Blogoversary Celebration) Author Interview: Joann I. Martin Sowles

Hi everyone. Today, Joann I. Martin Sowles, author of The Brookehaven Vampires series, has stopped by the blog with an interview. Welcome to Treasured Tales Joann; and thank you for the interview. 😀


Hi Joann, Thank you for visiting Treasured Tales for Young Adults, to help celebrate its one year blogoversary.

Would you tell us a little about yourself?

I am married and a stay at home, homeschooling mom of two and I am also the author of the Brookehaven Vampires series. Some of my favorite things include vampires, Mickey Mouse, the color purple, and Dragons.

Do you have a favourite place where you like to write?

Well, we recently moved and I now have my own office. I love it in there! It is so nice to finally have a private space to write and call my own. Before that I would hide out in the corner of my bedroom in a recliner and try to get some writing done. Now I can actually sit at my desk to write and I can leave notes all over the room. I am way more productive. 😀

If you were given the ability to step inside the world of any novel for an entire day, which novel would you choose and why?

I think I’d choose Harry Potter. I’d love to see and be a part of Hogwarts, wander Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and see all the wonderful people and creatures of the Harry Potter world.

Which supernatural creature and/or myth do you find the most intriguing?

Oh, there are just so many that fascinate me! I’d have to say my number one is Dragons, followed closely by vampires.

How would you finish this sentence: Writing a novel…is a lot of work but one of the most rewarding things I have ever accomplished.

Joann, I have some Brookehaven Vampires related questions for you:

How would you describe Laney in one sentence?

Laney, as a character: Laney is strong and independent, looking for her place in the world.

Laney, the book: A glimpse of the beginning of what is to be an amazing love story.

What would you say are Laney and Oliver’s strengths and weaknesses?

I think that they are each other’s strength and weakness.

When you think of Julz, what is the first word that comes to mind?


How many books will there be in The Brookehaven Vampires series?

I do not have a set number of books for the series or to tell Laney’s story. I have found that the more I write the longer Laney & Oliver’s story gets. I also plan to write Oliver’s version of the story along with several of the other Characters’ stories as well.

One final question:

What are you working on at the moment, and is there anything about it you can share with us?

At the moment I am working on book 3. Unfortunately, there is not much I can share at this time. I can tell you that we will get to see the Brookehaven world from the eyes of another character and that book 3 will be released sometime this year (2012).

Thank you for the interview Joann.

Thank you & Happy Blogoversary!

I’d also like to thank all who have stopped by and taken the time read this interview. I invite all of you to visit my website where you can read the first 3 chapters of both Laney & Darkness.

Much Love,
Joann I. Martin Sowles www.brookehavenvampires.com


I can’t wait for book 3 in The Brookehaven Vampires series. I wonder which other character we are going to see the Brookehaven world through? Any ideas? Really excited about seeing the story from Oliver’s pov too.


More information about The Brookehaven Vampires and Joann I. Martin Sowles:

goodreads ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ website


(Blogoversary Celebration) Author Guest Post: Kirsty Eagar

Hi Treasured Tales followers. Today, Kirsty Eagar, author of the newly released novel Night Beach, has stopped by with a guest post introducing readers to one of the characters from Night Beach – Abbie. Welcome to Treasured Tales Kirsty, and thank you for the lovely guest post. 😀


Happy Birthday Treasured Tales for Young Adults!

Night Beach, my third book, has just been published, and Alishia asked me if I’d introduce you guys to either Abbie or Kane, who are characters in the story. I’ve gone with Abbie, partly because I believe Kane’s the sort of guy you should form your own opinion of without any heads-up from me. And partly because when I’m writing, the starting point of any story is the main character, so it’s Abbie who’s been there from the beginning. I should say, too, that the beginning was back in 2008, so Abbie’s been with me for a while now.

So, way back then, there were a couple of things I knew about Abbie. And all of them ended up feeding the story.

1.   Abbie’s parents divorced when she was young, and she and her sister, Anna, have spent most of their lives moving between the two of them. Abbie’s had to deal with a lot of change, and feels like she’s straddling two worlds – her father’s world, and her mother’s world. It’s not necessarily bad, but it is different. The other thing is, Abbie’s seventeen, moving from being a child to an adult. So in that way also, she’s split.

2.   She loves art. Creating it, viewing it, and hearing what other artists have to say about what they’re trying to do. What I was really interested in, though, is that thing that happens when you’re immersed in what you’re painting, when you’re in the zone, so to speak, and it feels like it’s coming from somewhere outside of you; sort of like you’re channelling something. Part of Abbie’s journey is to do with that thing – which in her case might be her subconscious, or perhaps something more supernatural.

3.   The ocean is equally important to her. It’s been the one constant in her life.

4.   She has an attraction for Kane, her step-cousin, that’s bordering on obsession. When your feelings are that intense, what happens isn’t necessarily rational. It meant that I didn’t always know what choices Abbie would make.

Well, I hope that gives you some feel for Abbie and her world.

Thanks for having me Alishia!

Kirsty 🙂


Wasn’t that an amazing guest post? Have you read Night Beach?


More information about Kirsty Eagar and her novels:

goodreads ~ website ~ blog


Author bio (from author’s website) –

Kirsty Eagar grew up on a central Queensland cattle property and spent her school holidays at the beach. After studying economics, she worked on trading desks in Sydney and London before changing careers, wanting a life where she could surf every day. She travelled around Australia for a couple of years, living out of a car, worked a variety of jobs and began writing fiction. Her debut novel, Raw Blue, was published by Penguin in 2009, and won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Young Adult fiction. Her second novel, Saltwater Vampires, was shortlisted for the 2011 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. Kirsty lives with her husband and two daughters on Sydney’s northern beaches.

(Blogoversary Celebration) Author Interview: Aimee Agresti

Hi everyone. *waves hello* There are only a few days of the blogoversary celebration left to go. I hope you have enjoyed celebrating Treasured Tales for Young Adults‘ one year blogoversary. Today, Aimee Agresti, author of Illuminate (Gilded Wings #1) has stopped by Treasured Tales for an interview. Thank you Aimee. 😀


Hi Aimee, Thank you for visiting Treasured Tales for Young Adults, to help celebrate its one year blogoversary.

Would you tell us a little about yourself?

Happy Blogoversary! Thanks so much for having me! Let’s see, where to begin? Well, ILLUMINATE is my first novel but I’ve been an entertainment magazine writer for years. Most recently I was a staff writer at Us Weekly, which was tons of fun! I’ll always be a celebrity gossip junkie at heart!

Do you have a favourite place where you like to write?

I live in DC where museum-hopping is my favorite pastime so I absolutely love writing at the Portrait Gallery. There’s a gorgeous courtyard there where I’ve been known to spend hours on end writing, sipping mochas and people-watching! I wrote a lot of ILLUMINATE there.

What was your favourite novel as a child, and has it inspired or influenced the way you write?

That’s such a great question! I had so many favorites: “Little Women,” “Alice in Wonderland,” the entire “Nancy Drew” series—I read all of those over and over. I always loved stories with strong heroines and adventurous girls. (I basically wanted to grow up to be a mix of Jo March and Nancy Drew!) When I sat down to write ILLUMINATE, it was important to me to create the kind of heroine I would have loved when I was a teen.

When writing a novel, do you outline the entire plot before beginning, or do you like to let the characters guide you?

I’m an outlining fiend! I need to have a clear map of where the story is going before I sit down to write, so I spend an incredible amount of time outlining. But there are definitely moments when I’m writing and a great idea occurs to me and I need to veer off from my plan a bit. Sometimes the best twists come out of the blue like that!

Which of your characters in Illuminate, intrigues you the most?

I love them all, they’re all my babies! But if I had to choose, I would say Haven because the book is really about her evolution. She may start out a little unsure of herself but she becomes a force to be reckoned with, which I love.

What do you love the most about the main character, Haven?

I love that she’s so analytical and introspective and she can’t seem to turn that off, even though she’d sometimes like to. She’s always thinking, thinking, thinking, taking note of everything going on around her, but it’s that kind of focus that helps her unlock the secrets of what’s really going on at the Lexington Hotel!

How would you describe Lance and Dante, each in five words or less?

Five words or less, wow! Well, Dante is the ultimate best friend. And Lance is that guy who surprises you.

When you think of Lucian, what is the first word that comes to mind?

Oooh, how about: smokeshow!

Are there any particular songs that you feel suit or express a certain scene in your novel, Illuminate?

I like to think of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” as the book’s theme song. I didn’t discover that song until long after I’d finished writing, but her voice is so ethereal and the lyrics are just perfect. I love it! But I actually cooked up a whole soundtrack for the book, you can check it out here! http://c.itunes.apple.com/us/imix/aimee-agrestis-illuminate/id501117956

What are you currently working on, and is there anything about it you can share with us?

I’ve been busy polishing up the sequel to ILLUMINATE! In Book Two of the Gilded Wings trilogy, the gang heads to New Orleans to battle a new pack of devils. But I’ll tell you this much: you haven’t seen the last of Lucian!

Thank you for the interview Aimee.

Thank YOU so much!


Doesn’t the Portrait Gallery, where Aimee wrote a lot of Illuminate, sound lovely?

Have you read Illuminate? Are you looking forward to the sequel?


Check out Aimee’s guest post about Lucian.

More information about the Gilded Wings Trilogy and Aimee Agresti:

goodreads ~ website ~ twitter ~ blog ~ facebook

(Blogoversary Celebration) Deleted Scene: “Soulmates & Fairy Wells” (Enchanted by Alethea Kontis)

Hi all. *waves hello* Today, I have something very special to share with you – a deleted scene from the novel Enchanted, written by Alethea Kontis. This is very special because Alethea is reading the scene herself (in the video below).

Thank you so much Alethea, for sharing the deleted scene “Soulmates & Fairy Wells” with Treasured Tales for Young Adults. 😀


Wasn’t the video fantastic? Have you read Enchanted?


More information about Enchanted and Alethea Kontis:

goodreads ~ website/blog ~ twitter


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Alethea Kontis interview ~ Character Interview with Sunday Woodcutter

(Blogoversary Celebration) Character Interview: Julia (from Stained by Ella James)

Hi all. Today, I have an amazing character interview to share with you – Julia from the Stained series. The Stained series is written by Ella James, and book one and two in the series – Stained and Stolen – are currently available, with book three, Chosen, to be released soon.

A big thank you to Ella James, for sharing Julia with Treasured Tales, and a big thank you to Julia for the interview.


Hi Julia, Welcome to Treasured Tales for Young Adults.

Would you tell us a little about yourself?

“Um, sure. I’m seventeen…”

Julia glances down at her lap, where she is playing with her hands. Her fingernails glitter, having been painted with Meredith’s sparkly nail polish—or the Swiss version of it. She’s sitting on a fluffy beige comforter atop a four-post king-sized bed in a room the size of a department store showroom; the Alps are visible out the curtainless windows, and a roaring fire snaps in the fireplace.

“I’m seventeen… My birthday is May third. I’m from Memphis. Kind of.” She smirks, and her face hardens into an expression that’s difficult to read. “I’ve had two sets of parents. They’re both dead now. Lucky for me, I’m pretty good at being an orphan.”

She lifts her arms and waves around the suite. “Now I’m in Switzerland—hiding. And also trying to figure out why—”

A rustling sound can be heard outside the door. Julia crosses her arms, rolls her eyes, and smiles a little indulgently. “Now I’m in Switzerland with my boyfriend. Who I’m sorry to say, does not understand the meaning of privacy.” She glances once more at the door, then sighs, like she knows Cayne has no intention of leaving his post in the hallway. “What’s your next question?”

You first met Cayne when he crashed through the roof of the warehouse where you were staying – what went through your mind when you first saw Cayne?

“Hmm. I guess mainly ‘holy crap.’ Then—” she smiles, a little naughty— “I thought ‘holy hot guy.’ And then I think I made my nose bleed healing him.” She looks briefly away, her eyes flitting out the window, at the slopes, and then back at Alishia. “And then he told me what my stain meant.”

The more time that you and Cayne spend together, the closer you two are becoming – how would you describe your feelings towards Cayne?

Julia laughs, definitely an awkward sound, and glances at the door. Then she glances around the room and hops off the bed, lunging for a remote resting atop a claw-footed coffee table. She points it at an enormous flat-screen and flips through a few channels until she gets to one with a blue background and little music notes jumping across the screen; classical music flows from speakers in the ceiling. She cranks the volume up, then arches both of her dark brows and grins. “I like him.” Her grin grows wider. “A lot.”

Do you completely trust Cayne?

The music is still loud, Brian Crain’s Song for Sienna playing loudly. Julia glances, again, at the door. When she looks at Alishia, her face is tense. “That’s kind of a hard question.” Her mouth flattens unhappily, and for a few seconds it doesn’t seem like she’s going to answer. Then she sinks back in the fluffy bedding and murmurs, “Yes. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do. I’ve always trusted him. Which is why I think I got so upset at the Chosen compound. I can’t be around him and not trust him…so I was worried maybe I couldn’t be around him at all.” She shrugs, as if to say that’s over now. “He’s been honest with me, and that’s all I can go on.”

You have an ability to heal people – would you tell us a little about your ability?

Rolling her eyes again, she nods at the door and lowers the volume of the music. “Mr. Paranoid,” she whispers. And, louder: “How ya doing out there, Cayne?” A soft grunt comes from the other side of the door, and Julia smiles, then turns her attention back to Alishia. “I see people’s auras. Kind of like a watercolor painting with the colors all blended together and floating around them like…like a full-body halo or something. The colors are a mixture of how they feel at the moment and how they are. Like, their personality. If they’re hurt, there’s this chain around their bodies…and it has knots in it. At least they look like knots to me. If I think about what I want to fix I can heal them and the knots will go away. Sometimes I get them in my own aura after that.”

Half-demon Samyaza killed your foster parents and is now hunting you – what is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Samyaza?

Julia’s eyes widen and her face stretches in surprise. Then she narrows her eyes, smiles a little smile, and says, “Used to be terrifying. But not anymore.” When Alishia asks her what that means, she mimes zipping her lips.

What are you most afraid of?

“Right now? The Three. I don’t know anything about them…so my mind is just filling in all the pieces.”

What is your greatest wish for the future?

Julia crosses her legs and looks, once more, over at the door. “One time…in a vision I had, I ‘dreamed’ of a picnic in a backyard…” She rubs the top of the duvet with her palm, and says, thoughtfully, “I think I want that. I don’t like being a teenager. I want to be older…” her voice quivers, just a little, and she swallows. “I want to be with Cayne doing something that’s just…normal. And at night we can go flying.” Suddenly she’s wiping her eyes, sniffing, and apologizing. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I guess I just feel like…everything’s been taken from me.” She rolls her eyes at herself. “Stolen, you might say. And now, things with the Three…. I feel like I’ll never have a regular life. All this Chosen stuff… It’s just bullshit.”

Thank you for the interview Julia, and for helping to celebrate Treasured Tales for Young Adults’ one year blogoversary.


Have you read Stained? Has Cayne stolen your heart?


More information about the Stained series and Ella James:

goodreads ~ facebook ~ blog ~ twitter

(Blogoversary Celebration) Author Interview: Willow Cross

Hi everyone. I hope that you are enjoying the blogoversary celebrations. Today, Willow Cross has stopped by with an interview. Willow is the author of the amazing Dark Gifts series.


Hi Willow, Thank you for visiting Treasured Tales for Young Adults, to help celebrate its one year blogoversary.

Thank you for having me!!

Would you tell us a little about yourself?

There’s not a whole lot to tell. I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother. I grew up on a farm in Indiana and moved to Arkansas 8 years ago. I have a penchant for chocolate and spend most of my time at home.

Do you have a favourite time of day when your prefer to write?

I prefer to writing in the morning just after the coffee has kicked in.

If you could invite three authors to a dinner party, who would you choose and why?

Hmm. That’s tough! Probably Robert Heinlein, JR Tolkein, and Anne McCaffrey. (But only if they were coming as living breathing people. LOL)

You have been given the ability to step inside the world of any novel for an entire day – which novel would you choose, and why?

Harry Potter. I didn’t even need to think about it. LOL What an amazing, magical world to live in!!!!

What are you reading at the moment?

Right now I’m reading The Birth of Jaiden by Jennifer Wright.

How would you finish this sentence: Being an author is…the most frustrating, wonderful, fun, stressful, fabulous, tiresome, exhilarating, terrifying job I could have chosen. LOL

What qualities to Michael and Liz (the two main characters in Birthright) bring out in each other?

Liz brings out a tenderness in Michael that he didn’t know existed. She’s also taught him to love. In turn, Michael has taught Liz how to be a survivor. His training has helped her to channel the darker parts of her new being into something productive.

How would you describe Jason, Sarah, Shad and Ashley (characters from the novel Inheritance), each in five words or less?

Jason: Loyal, protective, honest, haunted, and heroic.

Sarah: Loyal, intelligent, guarded, loving, quick to laugh.

Shad: Obedient, strong sense of family, ruthless, determined, judgemental.

Ashley: Open, loyal, loving, compassionate, dependable.

Which character in the Dark Gifts series intrigues you the most?

Probably Jenna. I’m dying to know what the fates have in store for her. Her true destiny has yet to be revealed, and quite honestly, even I don’t know where she’s going. 😉

What are you working on at the moment, and is there anything about it you can share with us?

I am working on a few short companion stories for Birthright and Inheritance as well as Oceans of Red volume three. As soon as I finish those, I’ll be digging back into Legacy again.

Thank you for the interview Willow.

Thank you for having me!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! 😀


Have you read any of Willow’s novels? If so, which is your favourite?


More information about Willow Cross and her novels:

goodreads ~ facebook ~ website ~ blog