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The Brookehaven Vampires e-book giveaway



Thanks to author Joann I. Martin Sowles, I have one e-book prize pack to giveaway.  One lucky winner will receive an e-book copy of Zane (The Brookehaven Vampires #3.5) and Cursed (The Brookehaven Vampires #4).  The winner will be able to choose between kindle or nook format.  Competition details are found below:

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Competition is open from now until Friday 6th December 2013, 11:59pm Australian EDT

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Good-luck 😀

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Cover Reveal: Cursed


I am very excited to be a part of The Brookehaven Vampires street team.  Today, as part of the street team, I will be sharing with you the cover of Cursed, book four in the awesome Brookehaven Vampires series.



Cursed (The Brookehaven Vampires #4) by Joann I. Martin Sowles

Book description –

Leaving it all behind, Laney and Oliver are looking forward to getting away from the troubles of “Treeville,” and finally beginning their forever. Unfortunately, Laney’s guardian angel and Oliver’s twin have other plans in mind.

Even so, after a wonderful, yet also terrifying few days together, Laney and Oliver are off to the capital where they will partake in Levi’s plans of persuading his love to join his world. Although enjoyable, and rather entertaining, Laney and Oliver must soon return home where anything can and will go wrong.

As if a psychotic angel and a crazy twin brother were not enough, Laney and her friends come to find that their previous troubles with witches, werewolves, and the Weslin siblings were nothing compared to what is coming.

With many secrets into her life revealed, Laney must find it within herself to hold it together and make the right choices to help save the ones she loves.

With everyone’s futures hanging in the balance, will Laney and her friends be able to put a stop to a chain of events that could tear their world apart?

YA/NA, Paranormal Romance. 18+ *Mature Content Warning*

To be released:  November 2013


Wow, I can’t wait to read Cursed.


Check out the first three books in The Brookehaven Vampires series:

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More information about The Brookehaven Vampires and author Joann I. Martin Sowles:

website ~ facebook ~ goodreads ~ twitter


Joann I. Martin Sowles

Author bio:

Joann I. Martin Sowles is the self-published author of The Brookehaven Vampires series. She prefers fantasy to reality, and anything purple. She could spend hours talking to anyone who would listen about her favorite books, movies, and TV shows. She loves to read and is a devoted Mickey Mouse fan. When she’s not consumed by her writing, Joann is busy homeschooling her kids or hiding from housework.

To find out more about Joann and the Brookehaven Vampires, visit her website at: www.brookehavenvampires.com.

(Blogoversary Celebration) Author Interview: Joann I. Martin Sowles

Hi everyone. Today, Joann I. Martin Sowles, author of The Brookehaven Vampires series, has stopped by the blog with an interview. Welcome to Treasured Tales Joann; and thank you for the interview. 😀


Hi Joann, Thank you for visiting Treasured Tales for Young Adults, to help celebrate its one year blogoversary.

Would you tell us a little about yourself?

I am married and a stay at home, homeschooling mom of two and I am also the author of the Brookehaven Vampires series. Some of my favorite things include vampires, Mickey Mouse, the color purple, and Dragons.

Do you have a favourite place where you like to write?

Well, we recently moved and I now have my own office. I love it in there! It is so nice to finally have a private space to write and call my own. Before that I would hide out in the corner of my bedroom in a recliner and try to get some writing done. Now I can actually sit at my desk to write and I can leave notes all over the room. I am way more productive. 😀

If you were given the ability to step inside the world of any novel for an entire day, which novel would you choose and why?

I think I’d choose Harry Potter. I’d love to see and be a part of Hogwarts, wander Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and see all the wonderful people and creatures of the Harry Potter world.

Which supernatural creature and/or myth do you find the most intriguing?

Oh, there are just so many that fascinate me! I’d have to say my number one is Dragons, followed closely by vampires.

How would you finish this sentence: Writing a novel…is a lot of work but one of the most rewarding things I have ever accomplished.

Joann, I have some Brookehaven Vampires related questions for you:

How would you describe Laney in one sentence?

Laney, as a character: Laney is strong and independent, looking for her place in the world.

Laney, the book: A glimpse of the beginning of what is to be an amazing love story.

What would you say are Laney and Oliver’s strengths and weaknesses?

I think that they are each other’s strength and weakness.

When you think of Julz, what is the first word that comes to mind?


How many books will there be in The Brookehaven Vampires series?

I do not have a set number of books for the series or to tell Laney’s story. I have found that the more I write the longer Laney & Oliver’s story gets. I also plan to write Oliver’s version of the story along with several of the other Characters’ stories as well.

One final question:

What are you working on at the moment, and is there anything about it you can share with us?

At the moment I am working on book 3. Unfortunately, there is not much I can share at this time. I can tell you that we will get to see the Brookehaven world from the eyes of another character and that book 3 will be released sometime this year (2012).

Thank you for the interview Joann.

Thank you & Happy Blogoversary!

I’d also like to thank all who have stopped by and taken the time read this interview. I invite all of you to visit my website where you can read the first 3 chapters of both Laney & Darkness.

Much Love,
Joann I. Martin Sowles www.brookehavenvampires.com


I can’t wait for book 3 in The Brookehaven Vampires series. I wonder which other character we are going to see the Brookehaven world through? Any ideas? Really excited about seeing the story from Oliver’s pov too.


More information about The Brookehaven Vampires and Joann I. Martin Sowles:

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