VA Family to Help Fund Frostbite



Hi all. *waves hello* As some of you are probably aware, I am a huge Vampire Academy fan.  I loved the Vampire Academy film and would love to see the sequel, Frostbite, become a reality – which brings me to the topic of this post: the VA Family has been asked by the producers of the Vampire Academy film to help finance part of Frostbite’s budget through fan funding.  If the VA Family can raise $1.5 million dollars, Frostbite will go ahead. *yay*

Fans have until the 5th of September 2014 to raise $1.5 million and currently the VA Family has raised just over $200,000.  It is still possible to raise the $1.5 million – we just need to spread the word about the fan funding campaign.


Check out this awesome video below in which some of the cast and crew talk about the fan funding campaign:


Doesn’t that video make you excited for Frostbite?


So, you may be thinking ‘why should I donate’?

Well, there are awesome perks for donating such as:

  • a pdf copy of the script
  • a digital copy of Frostbite
  • Richelle Mead will follow you on twitter for a year
  • a Frostbite poster
  • VA clothing
  • on set visit
  • signed photo of the actor portraying Adrian
  • and so much more

(which perk you receive depends on how much you donate)

Why is it so important to donate?

The financial backers of Frostbite will only green light the project if they can see that the VA Family really want this film.

I can only donate a few dollars, will that really make a difference?

Absolutely, if every Vampire Academy fan donated just one dollar, we could have this movie.  You can donate just one dollar by clicking on the ‘contribute now’ button on the Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film page at indiegogo, you don’t have to select a perk to donate.

We’ve only reached just over $200,000, what is the point of donating? – there is no way we will reach $1.5 milllion by the 5th of September.

There is a major possibility that the VA Family will not raise $1.5 million by the deadline – but the more fans that donate, the more it will show the financial backers just how much we want this movie.  That is why $1 donations are so important – they will make a difference.  And if by some chance the Frostbite movie does not go ahead, you get the money you donated refunded back to you.

I was disappointed in the first movie, why should I help fund Frostbite?

Personally, I loved the Vampire Academy film, but not everyone did – that’s totally fine, we all like different things, but doesn’t the Vampire Academy movie franchise deserve a second chance?  The producers have listened to the fans, a new script writer is on board and it looks like this writer has written a script that follows the book very closely.  Just look at these sneak peeks at the script:



How do I donate?

Just head over to indiegogo to donate.  You can also check out the Official Vampire Academy Movie page on facebook for more info.


Dimitri fans have had the opportunity to see Dimitri Belikov brought to life – we’ve been able to hear him say ‘Roza’.  Don’t Adrian Ivashkov fans deserve the opportunity to see him brought to life – to hear him say ‘Little Dhampir’?

*All Frostbite images and the sneak peaks at the script used in this post remain the property of Kintop Pictures/Reliance, Angry Films, and Preger Entertainment.  The opinions expresed in this post are my own and are no way endorsed by Kintop Pictures/Reliance, Angry Films, Preger Entertainment, or the producers of Vampire Academy.

Thank you for your comment. I love to get comments, and I try my best to answer them all.

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